The result of a wide professional experience in the area, our prestigious company Siopa & Baptista seeks to satisfy the needs of our customers with the creation of dreamy environments!

We stand out for the personalized service and after-sales service by a qualified and specialized team in the area, available to national and international customers, for the quality of our products and our Design Department that projects our customers dreams making them real.

With a 5000m² Showroom, we present a wide range of furniture and decoration, from new trends and novelties in the market to timeless ranges that never lose their essence all over the years.

From north to south of Portugal, in Caldas da Rainha, São Martinho do Porto, Alcobaça, Nazaré, Leiria, Óbidos, Serra-Del Rei, Bom Sucesso, Peniche, Lourinhã, Lisboa and Algarve, our company makes deliveries and assemblies to ensure the best results and also ensuring the sale of products to different international markets.


Our main mission is focused on the quality of services, through the choice of suitable products for each project, ensuring strict standards and personalized service providing the best furniture and decoration solutions for your home.

We don’t envision being just “another company”, we want to become a viable solution for the realization of your dreams, opting for the applicability of our in-depth techniques in Design and Communication for a better option in the purchase and sale of products.

Our values are ​​the proximity, responsibility, innovation and quality to provide the best experiences and results for you.


Decoration Atelier

In our decoration atelier we produce pieces that will provide greater comfort and warmth to your home. Tailored to each client's taste, we make curtains, cushions, bedspreads and foot covers. With a wide choice of fabrics, colors and patterns, you can take home completely personalized pieces tailored to your dreams. Through decoration and textiles, we transform your home into a home for your family.


Commercial Department

The Commercial Department is the face of the company, represented by its values, through its proximity to the customer. He believes that truthfulness and trust help in the sales process and in creating bonds. It is who gives advice, who helps in the preparation of ideas and who closes deals. He is the one who prepares and guides the client, from the beginning, without end… works hard so that nothing fails, towards different worlds, cultures and tastes. It is there that the eyes shine for the first time and that great projects begin.


Interior Design Department

This is where the journey to the real world begins. From rustic to contemporary styles, it incorporates the fulfillment of all the clients' wishes, through the originality and diversity of its features and ideas. It is the genuine desire to carry out projects with the objective of seeing smiles and dreams come true. Between measuring tapes, house plans and many measurements, it is the basis of the company's experience and creative tone. Aware that no one is the same, it follows the challenge, every day, with the belief of turning dreams into reality.


Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is the company's voice, reflected through strategic planning, digital contacts with different audiences, innovation and creativity. It focuses on building the brand and creating future inspiration for everyone who follows us. It plays an important role in the involvement and union of the company's employees and in the way in which they are informed. In a constantly changing world, the Marketing Department is the bright image of a promising future. 


Administrative Department

It helps us stay on course in a changing world. It adds laws and bureaucracies, making them simpler, towards the interests of its customers. Their work and dedication guarantee the success of the business and the balance between the company's well-being and the happiness of its customers, during and after sales. This is where clarifications are made and queries answered. Appreciation by suppliers is essential for creating bonds and strong integrity in new trends. The Administrative Department is the contact with the outside world and the fundamental detail for advancement.


Distribution Department

From North to South. From Km 0 to Km 100. From the smallest to the largest article. From assembly to storage. It develops strategic challenges to guarantee the arrival of products to the final customer, with the highest quality, in a short period of time. It carries with it the certainty that dream environments are on the way. Trust is the soul of the business and the Distribution Department is the soul of the company, which keeps smiles of satisfaction and thanks in its heart.